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What Model Rock Knocker Do I Need for My X-3?

Based on the width of your car, size of your tires, and your riding style, we recommend the following:


Original Rock Knocker

8" x 18" Rubber Flap

We Recommend for:

64" Wide Cars

28" Tires

Double D Rock Knocker

Our Most Popular Model

10" x 18" Rubber Flap

We Recommend For:

72" wide cars
30" Tires

Rock Knocker PRO

10" x 20" Rubber Flap with Dual Mounting Brackets

We Recommend For:

32" Tires or Larger

Racers or those who ride extreme conditions

Still Unsure what to order?

Call Andy at 623.776.5898 to discuss options.

How to Install your Rock Knocker System

CanAm X3 Installation Instructions