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About K-UTV

After both retired from over a combined 60 years in the dirt track racing world,

K-UTV owners Andy and Kat found a new hobby:  Side x Side Life.  They quickly became fans of everything the Arizona terrain had to offer and found themselves in some of the most remote and beautiful places they had ever seen.

These adventures took them to a lot of really isolated and desolate areas; attempting to be prepared for any and all circumstances became a concern. In this process one of the potential situations to be addressed was avoiding being stranded by a broken wheel caused by a rock getting stuck.  This is where the idea for Rock Knockers came from.

After some prototypes were built, the first sets of Rock Knockers were fabricated and thoroughly tested on their own X-3, and also by friends on the trails.  Soon people began to ask about them.  They hoped this little hobby might make just enough extra money to pay for all the accessories and upgrades they wanted to add to their X-3; however it soon turned into a budding business.

With their dedication and commitment to only provide the type of quality products they would want on their own car, Andy and Kat will continue to provide the highest level of quality products.  They will treat their customers with the same respect and service that they would want to receive themselves.

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We are located in Glendale, AZ


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